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Remote fan-engagement and entertainment is key for all clubs playing in the major leagues and sport events organizers today. Thanks to our interconnected life style, matches are being followed by millions, sometimes billions via television broadcasts and different online streaming platforms. Remote fans often consist of over 98 per cent of all supporters following a sport event. For example, the 2018 football World Cup final was watched by 79k fans in the stadium and over 1.12bn via broadcasts, estimating the remote fan-base at 99.99 per cent of all fans watching.

Sport organizations with a focus on the global market need to find ways to engage and entertain fans thousands of miles away too, and on top of all, try to generate the most possible revenue from these markets.

Seyu’s technology provides our partners a new way to involve and entertain remote and on-location fans at the same time, on a unique way that gives them an enhanced matchday experience, plus a tool via which they can display their devotion to their beloved clubs, sports men and women.

Our service is very appealing to the techsavvy Generation Y and Z. When it comes to taking selfies, 57 percent of our user base belongs to this age groups, while Generation X (22%) mainly steps in on social media, sharinging and liking the selfies.

Let’s step up remote fan-entertainment together!

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