When it comes to supporter loyalty it is very important for all clubs and organization to reward the most devoted, most regularly cheering fans, who often not only include their family and friends in the rooting, but spend annually a substantial amount of money on branded items and subscription broadcasts.

Seyu’s system is enabling our partners to increase webshop, membership or special experience ticket sales simply by giving fans the unique opportunity to show their devotion to the players and to the world from the giant screens and on their beloved club’s or competition’s official social media channels, no matter where they are in the world.

Another very important aspect of Seyu’s service is that, our partners can display sponsor content throughout our service, accompanying fans every step of the way during the euphoric, emotional experience of being displayed on the LED screens in front of their favourite sports men and women, and the world.

The emotional bond that the fans unconsciously develop with the brands that provided them the experience of their lifetime, could hardly be matched by any other currently available marketing solution and conducted on a mass-scale like Seyu does.

Thanks to the emotions that supporters have with their photos, Seyu selfies deliver extraordinary organic social media engagement and reach. Our studies show that Seyu fan photos deliver an average 320% more engagement than any other photos shared from the same sport event. These studies also provided us with the insight that 11k Seyu selfies generated 77k engagement in one season, thanks to which our partners reached 1.3 million consumers on our test market.

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