Tom ‘Vechy’ Vecsernyes
CEO & Co-Founder

I couldn’t imagine my life without sports or technological solutions. My love of sport and sensitivity for IT are part of my life from a very small age. Being a member of the internet generation it is somewhat obvious, I must say. Football was my first love. Thanks for The Beautiful Game I learned how to work hard day in day out for my set goals and how to be part of a team, all this with humility and determination. Bringing to life a unique technological solution that can bring tremendous happiness to my fellow sport lovers, makes me joyful and driven at the same time.

I fall in love with football in the age of five, closely followed by my deep interest in computers and other technological solutions. By my adulthood my interests has expanded to motorsports and playing on instruments but I still pay attention to improvements in the IT industry and watch the matches of my favorite team. I grow up doing team sports so my guide is  that teamwork makes the dreamwork, because together we are capable of much more!

Ervin Kovács
COO & Co-Founder
Péter Kerekes
HR & Co-Founder

I do sports actively since my childhood so when I met the Seyu it was a great opportunity to bring the youth closer to supporting the athletes. It is good to see the tremendous progress in the application and it makes me joyful that I can be part of the project. I hope I continue to benefit from my leadership experience and we can involve more and more people from the sport fan community.

I have been active in software development for 20 years, and the Seyu backend and mobile applications was born under my control. During the development several challenging demands emerged, wich was a pleasure to find a solution to. It’s good to see that how a great idea have evolved into a professional service alongside the support of the application wich was developed by us! As for sports, I’m basically ‘omnivorous’, I am interested in team sports, but I also enjoy individual challenges like fencing or riding. I think it’s a great opportunity now that I can encourage my favorite even from home!

Balázs Kerekes
Zoltán Marcell Végh

My name is Marcell Zoltán Végh, I’m working as a finance officer / investor relations @Seyu since 2018. I’m hustling with IT companies/startups since 2010 and also having a PhD in economics in the pipeline. I was a nerdy kid and was always picked last for the team in school – probably not much has changed since then. My favourite team to watch was alway Juventus – I had a Del Piero jersey when I was 8 – and I also enjoy MotoGP, FormulaE, IndyCar, or any other kind of motorsport. When in sports, I’m looking for relaxation and mindfulness, so I gladly put yoga and running in my schedule. Sports can be a powerful balancing force in anyone’s life – my goal with Seyu is to inspire others to move as well.

I have been a sport lover since my childhood, I do triathlon and watch mathces often and my works are usually connected closely to sports. At Seyu it means the PR and legal functions. I believe that beside our love to the sport we give something extra into the life of not only the fans but the athletes with our application. Who would not like to send an encouraging message to your favorites before the match. We are working to make these messages as unique as possible!

dr. Tíra Thassy
PR and Legal
Zsolt Süli
Senior Developer

Basically sport has never been in the centre of my life before but thanks to Seyu. I am gaining more and more insights into the world of sport. It means a lot to me that not only the ever-increasing number of fan pictures submit that what we do works, but also the many smiling pictures reinforce the same in me. I hope one day our technology will be seen in an episode of Star Wars. 🙂

Since my childhood almost every day has been filled with sports. I did folk dance for 17 years, then I was a member of the handball world for 8 years as a signed player. I participated on many sporting events as an organizer and as a participant. My goal is to help my fellow sport lover friends on the highest level because together is easier!

Veronika Mészáros
Project and office manager
Martin Hole
Project manager

I’ve been a real sports fanatic since I was a kid. I started getting to know the secrets of sport when I was six through athletics, then trying swimming and judo, I finally found myself in basketball. After completing my high school studies I graduated on the University of Physical Education first as a basketball coach and then in 2019 as a sports organizer. In sports, I have always kept in mind one thing: to do everything for success. I try to follow this mentality in my work and to give everything I have got in order to develop the sports industry.

I have been the member of Seyu since July. I heard about the opportunity from my college professor and I really liked that I can have job that is connected closely to sports. Beside working I study business and management at Corvinus University of Budapest. I get into the world of sports in the age of three when I started swimming. I kept my close connection to water, at present I do sailing. Beside that I also do diving and climbing on a weekly basis.

Levente Rácz
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