Thanks to ‘Seyu – Together for victory!’s software clubs, federations and organizers partnering with us, can directly tap into the spending powers of lucrative foreign markets. By charging fans, keen to display their devotions to the players, for Seyu’s service, we can generate to our partners substantial revenue on the already sold perimeter LED surfaces.

Our technology is designating user location, this way channelling the fan selfies coming from the stadium to the 16:9 giant screens, again generating additional revenue to partners from in stadium supporters, while maximising the income from remote markets on the perimeter boards.

Seyu’s fan selfie display generating software has unlimited design options, thanks to this the graphical design of fan selfies displayed on LED boards in the stadium and on social media are limited only to the imagination of designers. Selfies could easily be tailored to all clubs, federations and sport events in a format most suiting their colours.

Step ahead of your competition and give your fans an experience they never had before.

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