Seyu – Festive Twitter Sweepstake

Seyu – Festive Twitter Sweepstake

Game Description

Seyu are giving away opportunities to post fan selfies at Hillsborough Stadium for the home matches of Sheffield Wednesday FC to 70 lucky fans retweeting Seyu’s Festive Twitter post about the sweepstake.


Participation in the prize draw of Seyu is free for anyone who retweets any of  ‘Seyu – Together for victory!’s Festive Twitter posts connecting to Sheffield Wednesday FC.

For users under the age of 13, the photo posting and use of Seyu’s service is not available. Users between the age of 13 and 18 can avail themselves of Seyu’s service if they gain parental permission to do so. For further information, please visit Seyu General Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.


The prizes for the winners are opportunities to post their fan selfies at Hillsborough Stadium for the home matches of Sheffield Wednesday FC FREE of charge against Middlesbrough (29.12.2020.) and Derby County (01.01.2021.). We cannot exchange the prizes for any other prize items.

Winner determination

The winners of the Festive Sweepstake game prizes  will be chosen randomly by a representative of Seyu Solutions Ltd..

Notification of the winner

The winners of the sweepstakes will be notified by the Seyu Team via private Twitter  messages.

Receipt of the prize

The winners have to download the free ‘Seyu – Together for victory!’ application and post their selfies. Details will be communicated by email. If a winner does not respond within 24 hours for the messagenotification about his/her acceptance of the prize,Seyu Team will award the prize to another lucky fan.

How to use

You can participate in the sweepstake by retweeting any of Seyu’s Festive Twitter post connecting to Sheffield Wednesday FC.

The sweepstake is available 24 hours a day for the period of 16:00 BST 22/12/2020 to 21:00 BST 28/12/2020.