A recent survey of PwC also stating the importance of fan‐generated content, marking it as one of the most popular content types of the next 3 – 5 years. “Beyond live and highlight video, the rise of user‐generated content in sports is well reflected in the responses we received, with confident growth estimates across team, athlete and fan‐generated content. The native, social and often viral nature of user‐generated content is a strong recipe for reaching, engaging and monetizing young audiences and achieving commercially‐relevant levels of engagement with them.”

Thanks to Seyu’s technology, fan-generated content creation by fans is available for our partners on a mass scale which is moderated and branded for their desires. The power of emotional bond that fans develop during the euphoric experience of being displayed in the arena and on the team’s, event’s official social media pages, could hardly be matched with any other available technology today. Not even mentioning that, all this almost instantly on a global scale.

Our early measures of social media activities with Seyu fan selfies clearly prove the above highlighted study. On our test market in twelve months we made over 11 000 fans happy by displaying their supporter photos on sport events and on our official Facebook page, that has a little more than 4 000 followers to date. These selfies managed prompt over 77 000 activities from fans which, as a result of high engagement, reached over 1.35 million consumers on social media. One can easily calculate the potential power of Seyu selfies if compares our follower base of 4 000 with the number of followers on a page in his/her care.

Our service is very appealing to Generation Y and Z. When it comes to taking selfies, 57 percent of our user base belongs to this age groups, while Generation X (22%) mainly steps in on social media, sharinging and liking the selfies.

Let’s create extremely high engaging social media content together!

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