How does Seyu help fans?

Thanks to Seyu, sport lovers around the world, now can take photos, add personal messages to them and post them in real-time on to the LED boards in their favourite teams’ arena. This way remote fans can cheer for their beloved sports men and women in a unique way, even from thousands of miles away.

Our mission is to create happiness for millions of fans who cannot make it to the arenas and stadiums of their favourite teams. We believe that giving an opportunity to remote fans via which they can actively become part of their favourite teams’, athletes’ victories not only adds to their matchday experience, but creates lasting memories for them, tied to the sport event.

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How to use?

Download the application!

Download the free Seyu application from the GooglePlay or App Store.

Sign In

Sign in with your personal Facebook or Gmail account and share your selfies instantly at any moment with your social network from the Seyu application!

Select an event

Search the event list for your favourite teams’ match or your supported athletes’ competition!

Take a fan photo!

Take a selfie or a photo with your family and friends anywhere you are in the world!

Add a motivating message to your photo!

Include a motivating message with your photo that your favorite sports men and women will see next to your selfie!

Post your fan photo to the screens!

Press the ‘Share’ button as your last step and post your Seyu fan photo on to the giant screen and commercial boards at your favourite teams’ match or supported athletes’ competition!