It is something hard to get in particular in Q4 when brands, retailers and ecommerce players go out of the way to get customers attention. Consumers are also your sports fans, and for the rest of the year it becomes more challenging to stay in touch with them.

Seyu enables you to do that by connecting with fans through fan selfie activations while giving more value to your sponsors. Fans show their devotion and have a lot of fun. In the meantime you’ll build your first party fan data to enlarge your customer base you can directly communicate with.

We learned over 250 activations globally that 90%+ fans follow their favorites remotely. They are unable to attend events in stadia, however they are looking for ways to show their devotion as well as looking to spend their disposable income.

Seyu, the remote (and in stadia) fan engagement solution is available from 1st of November until end of December for activations half price.  

It is a limited time offer until 30th of October, terms and conditions apply.

Get in touch today to give the best experience to your fans and sponsors.

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