seyu-fans Frequently Asked Questions

The photo capturing mode of the Seyu application only appear on android devices if the devices is rotated to the left by 90 degree, horizontally. If the problem is still presist you must  enable the automatic screen rotating fuction on the device!

For the proper functioning of the Seyu application its indispensable that the user install the Facebook application and log into it with its own profile. For those users, who dosent have the Facebook application, we would like to recommend the GMAIL login.

For the proper functioning of the Seyu application its indispensable that the user be connected to a network. The sending proccess of the Seyu photos may took a longer time if the user is connected to an open wifi network or a mobil network in a dense environment (stadiums, arenas) then when the user is connected to its personal household wifi, for an example. The took pictures will never get lost. It will be automatically saved in our system even if the user experiencing an issue with connection.

After the favourite teams has been selected the user can proceed to the event list by tapping on the pipe icon in the upper-left corner.

The Seyu supporter selfies usually appears on the perimeter led surfaces which specificity a very wide and very short pixel rate. The pictures will be displayed on the led screens in a 3:1 rate ’frame’ so the photos must fit into that.

The ’Seyu – Together for Victory!’ service can accept an unlimited amount of pictures, however the displayable pictures are limited by our partner’s (clubs, associatons) advertisements. Because of that our system randomly select and display the maximum amount of picture possible in the given time and number.

Trough Seyu’s service the users can support their favourite athletes on a public surface. Because of the GDPR and personal rights we can only accept photos if the person(s) in the picture has contributed to the making of the publicly displayed photo by looking directly into the camera (or with any other act that proves their contribution). Because of this reason our service is not authorized to accept photos of pictures. We can only make exception if the user is holding a picture of itself and posing for a Seyu selfie with a famous person (a famous athlete for an example). We can only accept these photos if its unmistakeably the same persone on the handhold picture and the Seyu selfie.

The service of ’Seyu – Together for Victory!’ is all about sport fans sending selfies with messages to their favourite athletes.

Thanks to the service of Seyu thousands of fans can show their support towards to clubs and athletes on a public surface by selfies. These pictures possibly reaches millions of peoples. Our operational regulations dosen’t allow any kind of act refered to advertisement. In this case we would like to ask our highly respected users to take a new photo and remove every visible brands.

In case of any other questions or suggestions please contact us.

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