VIP Fan Experience with Seyu and C.D. Leganés

VIP Fan Eexperience with Seyu and C.D. Leganés
Hi there,
Thanks to the fan photo posting application, ‘Seyu – Together for victory!’, now you have the opportunity to be featured ‘virtually’ at Estadio Municipal de Butarque on the giant screen and on the pitch side commercial boards, right next to the players.

How to use Seyu?

  1. Download the free ‘Seyu – Together for victory!’ app from the GooglePlay or App Store.
  2. Log in with your Facebook / Google / Apple ID!
  3. Select C.D. Leganés to your favourites!
  4. Select the C.D. Leganés match in the event list!
  5. Take a selfie or a photo with your family and friends anywhere you are in the world!
  6. Select a motivating message to your photo that your favorite team will see next to your selfie!
  7. Click on the ‘Share’ button to post your Seyu selfie on to the displays!

Afterwards you can share it with your friends on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or save the photo to your phone.

Check out our HOW TO USE video


If the email address you used purchasing the mask with the VIP photo experience doesn’t match that you use for your Facebook or it is not your Gmail account then

Send us your email address (by replying to this email) that you use for your Facebook profile, and use that one for logging in to the Seyu app as well.


Tips and tricks for taking your selfie


We are looking forward to seeing you at Butarque!